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I used to use vaseline as an anal lube with an old partner of mine. It seems to work quite well for anal as it doesnt get broken down easily, so theres no need to re apply every couple of minutes. Using vaseline for anal sex will probably not be as effective as another lubricant, and might not help ease the pain. Whether you decide to use vaseline as a lube or not, its important to be aware of the pros and cons to determine whether itll be a safe and comfortable lubricant. Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, is an oil based ointment that people can use to moisturize and soften dry skin. Although vaseline may work as a sexual lubricant, it can damage latex condoms and.   kimberly, anal sex is the worst thing anybody can do, 1 it stretches ur anal muscles out and in later years u will not be able to control stool from coming out of ur anus, teenagers today who have sex in that way do not realize how much they are harming their bodys. If ur just asking about lubricants vaseline is probably not the best thing too use it dries out after a while and makes the. Is vaseline suitable for lube? Well, you can actually use vaseline for many things but probably not as a lubricant. While the texture and the sliminess do make it seem like itll work, this seemingly harmless product can irritate your private parts. Not with condoms - vaseline eats latex smile weakens it rapidly, and then causes it to fall apart. It is very fashionable to decry the use of all petroleum products - they are widely described as unsafe. I personally hate vaseline (or anything oil-based) as lube, as a top, due to the difficulty of washing it off. I couldnt imagine how difficult it would be to remove internally, and buildup would definitely be a concern, especially at the (rather awe-inspiring well done!) frequency youre talking about. Here are the 16 best lubes for anal sex on the market in 2019, as recommended by experts and experience.

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