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A well preserved 220-million-year-old fossil from marine deposits of the late triassic of guizhou in southwest china sheds light on the intermediate steps in the acquisition of the unique turtle. This is a tentative partial list of transitional fossils (fossil remains of groups that exhibits both primitive and derived traits). The fossils are listed in series, showing the transition from one group to another, representing significant steps in the evolution of major features in various lineages.   the anal opening of all reptiles, and birds actually, is called the cloaca, and on this particular animal, right where my finger is, is where his opening is. An external claw on each side of the anal opening, and two lungs. The false coral snake (anilius scytale), the familys only living member, is south american.   in this regard, fossil evidence indicates that diapsid reptiles only appeared in the karoo basin in the triassic, probably due to migration from other geographic regions ,. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The anal opening of all reptiles, and birds actually, is called the cloaca, and on this particular animal, right where my finger is, is where his opening is. Thats all tail, thats the end of his body, way up top there. Most lizards have toes ending in stout claws, forming from the last scale on the toe. In snakes, feet and claws are absent, but in many boids such as boa constrictor, remnants of highly reduced hind-limbs emerge with a single claw as spurs on each side of the anal opening. Lizard claws are used as aids in climbing, and in holding down prey in.

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