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Her friends feel differently, so they steal it and get it published. This irritates said author, who then decides that shell try to fix up the poems in the book since its gonna be published anyway. If anyone asks if the book has a father, the book will tell them no, and if they ask if it has a mother, the book should tell them that her mother is poor and that is why she sent the book away. Analysis the author to her book is one of anne bradstreets most personal and memorable poems.   the author to her book was written in the mid-1600s by the puritan poet anne bradstreet, after she and her family had emigrated from england to america. Female authors at the time were scorned, so speculation is that she had to pretend ignorance of woolbridges actions for the sake of her reputation. If anything, this is a poem about frustration, disappointment, and irritation. It is about an author who is annoyed that her friends took her book to get published without her consent, and it is also about the difficulties of revising said book (the speaker suggests that she is unable to make her book any good). Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this the author to her book study guide and get instant access to the following. The author, to her bookin short, the title of this poem tells us that what we are reading is what the author said to her book, or rather is what the author feels towards her book.   any writer can relate to anne bradstreets trepidation as she releases her writings (as dear to her as her children) to the world. This close reading of the author to her book examines the poetic devices bradstreet uses to develop her extended metaphor.

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