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Genital warts is a common sexually transmitted infection (sti) passed on through vaginal, anal and, rarely, oral sex.   genital warts are small fleshy growths, bumps or skin changes that appear on or around the genital or anal area. They start as small bumps that may be no larger than the head of a pin. Warts and verrucas are small lumps on the skin that most people have at some point in their life. They usually go away on their own but may take months or even years. Check if you have a wart or verruca warts feel firm and rough. Warts - anogenital last revised in april 2017 next planned review by december 2022. Anogenital warts (condylomata acuminata) are benign, proliferative growths occurring in the genital, perineal, anal, and perianal areas. Anogenital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (hpv), most commonly low-risk genotypes 6 and 11.   warts are small lumps that often develop on the skin of the hands and feet. Warts vary in appearance and may develop singly or in clusters. For example, verrucas are warts that usually develop on the soles of the feet.   the incidence of condylomata acuminata, commonly known as anogenital warts, is increasing. In the united kingdom it is the most common sexually transmitted disease in 1997 over 50 000 new cases were reported, accounting for 22 of all diagnoses made in genitourinary medicine clinics. 1 in the united states an estimated 1 of adults who are sexually active have lesions. Anal warts, condyloma acuminata, affect the area around and inside the anus. The warts first appear as tiny growths, as small as a pinhead, eventually growing to the size of a pea. Because they dont typically cause pain, patients often dont even realize they have them. Symptoms although anal warts often go unnoticed, some patients will experience some outward symptoms. Though you can treat genital warts at home, make sure to go to your doctor.

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