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In freudian psychology, the anal stage is said to follow the oral stage of infant or early-childhood development. This is a time when an infants attention moves from oral stimulation to anal stimulation (usually the bowels but occasionally the bladder), usually synchronous with learning to control their excretory functionsin other words, any form of child training and not specifically linked to toilet training. Insisting on the correct usage of spelling, punctuation and grammar is more pedantic than anal-retentive, although by continually correcting others, people could validly call you anally retentive. Its short for anal retentive, which is an older psychiatric term. People who are anal retentive were thought to have been hard to potty train as children, and were thus overly obsessed. Anal retentive psychiatry adjective referring to a person with an anal personality, who, according to classic freudian psychoanalysis, has traits that arose in the anal phase of psychosexual development, in which defecation constituted the primary source of pleasure and retention of faeces is viewed as a manifestation of defiance to a parent figure. The words anal-retentive (or anally retentive, anal retentive), often shortened to anal, are used in everyday language to describe a person with so much attention to detail that the obsession becomes annoying to other people. In the psychology ideas of freud, the anal stage is said to follow the oral stage of development in babies and young kids.   funny! So i go to the link for matts blog and start reading and realize that not only am i anal retentive, but so is my husband. Then i continue reading the comments and realize that im not as anal retentive as some other people out there! I think they need an intervention. A term used to refer to a person who feels a need to be in control of all aspects of his or her surroundings. Or, in other words, an anal retentive person cant let go of shit. In common usage, the phrases anally retentive, anal-retentive or anal are used to describe a certain style of behavior, and it is implied that this is due to a person clenching their anal sphincter, causing retention of feces. This is not necessarily literally the case, nor usually even intended literally.

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