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Hoarding can begin early in life, with hoarding behaviours seen in children as young as twenty-two months, though the hoarding tends to worsen over time and can persist well into old age. They express little about the intrapsychic, familial and social underpinnings of hoarding behavior, such as anal personality structure, or gender-based subversiveoppositional reactions to. Obsessivecompulsive personality disorder (ocpd) is a personality disorder characterized by excessive concern with orderliness, perfectionism, attention to details, mental and interpersonal control, and a need for control over ones environment, which interferes with flexibility, openness to experience, and efficiency, as well as interpersonal relationships. While hoarding does seem to be related to ocd, a large number of people with hoarding problems do not display other ocd symptoms. One study showed that out of 217 hoarding patients, only 18 met diagnostic criteria for ocd and several other disorders were also present (major depressive disorder 50, generalized anxiety disorder 24, social phobia 24). Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder), hoarding disorder, and. It was believed that being people with the anal personality were well on their way to developing ocd, hence the term anal retentive personality. Hoarding was considered a symptom of ocd, but then researchers and clinicians recognized they were different for example hoarding did not respond as well to treatment as ocd. Compulsive hoarding, along with other types of ocd, are thought to be symptoms of an anal-retentive personality. Hoarders are, by nature, very obsessive about the objects they collect and tend to become anxious and distressed at the mere thought of throwing them away. Compulsive hoarding current research and theory article (pdf available) in journal of psychopathology and behavioral assessment 27(1)45- with. Also, hoarding is listed as one of nine the hoarding of possessions 369 criteria for obsessive compulsive personality disorder (ocpd). The criteria for ocpd are behaviors which were derived from freuds anal triad. Hoarding behaviour stems from a range of issues some psychological, behavioural, practical,. This criterion was based on freuds theory of anal fixation, although that rationale is no longer considered valid.

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