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Effective for relieving muscle pain & dark eye, lymphatic drainage, slimming, skin firming. The anal canal is the final segment of the gastrointestinal tract. It has an important role in defecation and maintaining faecal continence. In this article, we shall look at the anatomy of the anal canal its position, structure, relations and neurovascular supply. Lymphatic drainage of the rectum and anal canal image posted on august 11, 2017 september 12, 2018 by thecomicalanatomist the ol answers (a) left common iliac artery (b) right common iliac artery (c) left internal illiac artery (d) right internal iliac artery (e) superior rectal artery (f) inferior rectal artery (g) internal pudendal artery (h) middle rectal artery. The dual origin of the anal canal results in a dual blood supply, venous and lymphatic drainage, and nerve supply. 810 the superior two thirds of the anal canal is supplied by the superior rectal artery, a continuation of the inferior mesenteric artery, whereas the venous drainage of the superior anal canal flows into the superior rectal veins, tributaries of the inferior mesenteric vein.   rectum and anal canal anatomy and function (preview) - human anatomy kenhub - duration 326. The anal canal is the terminal segment of the large intestine between the rectum and anus, located below the level of the pelvic diaphragm. It is located within the anal triangle of perineum, between the right and left ischioanal fossa. As the final functional segment of the bowel, it functions to regulate release of excrement by two muscular sphincter complexes. The aperture at the terminal portion of the anal canal is known as the anus.   in this lecture location, length, blood supply, lymphatic drainage and development of the anal canal have been described. The pectinate line (dentate line) is a line which divides the upper two thirds and lower third of the anal canal. Developmentally, this line represents the hindgut-proctodeum junction. The anal canal, thought of mostly as the final exit for what we ingest, is more intricate a structure than most would believe. 5 cm to 4 cm in length, it plays a vital role as a defense against organisms trying to make their way into the body, can differentiate between solid liquid and gas, and as a set of muscles that continence. Effective for relieving muscle pain & dark eye, lymphatic drainage, slimming, skin firming.

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