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Or the ladies delight reduced into rules of practice was the joy of sex of the restoration. By david morton images history of sex middle ages without the christian church of the middle ages, sigmund freud of the 19th century would have been out of work. Many of the deepest ideas and notions of sex that we hold today were formulated and laid down in the middle ages, especially by the churchs sometimes confused and other times severe pronouncements. The spread of syphilis to epidemic proportions across europe in the 16th century reveals that many. Interesting post by tom odonnell on the problems of understanding medieval sex lives and, in particular, sex for pleasure. I always find this interesting, especially because i generally assume that people had sex then the same way they had sex now, and were just as varied in their sexual exploration if the huge variety of sexual things you could do penance for are anything to go by. Uncovering the nature of marital sex in the past is difficult as few people leave a written record of their sexual activity. A study of over one hundred upper-class couples letters across a two-hundred year period found no explicit references to sex,. French scholar michel foucault (reminding us that victorian attitudes were not confined to britain), who argued that sex was not censored but subject to obsessive discussion as a central discourse of power, bent on regulation rather than suppression. Weird trippy sex pictures from illuminated medieval manuscripts visions of the hellish hereafter the illuminated medieval manuscripts contained asides, jokes, barbs and revelations as to what a monk was thinking as he sat, head bowed over a book, his being, soul and genitals lashed with dread warnings about sex, demons and the the hellish hereafter. In the fourteenth century, for instance, women wore low-necked dresses, so tight round the hips as to reveal their sex, and laced their breasts so high that, as was said, a candle could be stood upon them.   agostino carracci, italian late renaissanceearly baroque painter, was born on the 6th of august 1557 and died on the 22nd march, 1602. One of the main aims of this article, initially, was to raise interest in this little-known artist. Since first posting this in march, however, some things have changed.

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