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It is admirable, and astonishing. You are where Rimbaud was when he wrote the Illuminations

           -Guy Davenport, letter, June 4, 1992, on chapbook Of DC

Gibbons makes such a moment of intense aesthetic/emotional bonding with a work of art or passage of nature less an esoteric and rare event, letting it become the theme of his writing, in which he captures and memorializes such key instants, “beyond time,” using the prose poem as a paint brush to set down a glowing record.           

                                            -Jim Feast, in Evergreen Review of Beyond Time

Throughout the volume Gibbons dreams of Bach, Bach’s ability to think and create paradoxes and entanglements and he shows that time is affiliated with making variations upon the body. If, as Gibbons contends “the present is the roof of time,” the past—Bach’s time—cannot be anything else other than a variation on illusions. Einstein allegedly said: “people like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

                                                    -Camelia Elias, review in Cercles of Body of Time

Robert Gibbons is one of the finest practitioners of prose poetry in the US, if not the world, today and Beyond Time proves it. His words flow with speed and grace across white pages or screen spaces, larger inside than their boundaries would suggest possible.

-Bent Sørensen, review in Studio of Beyond Time

Gibbons enters into a living dialogue with German writers such as Rilke, Nietzsche, other Americans including Olson, and the classics, particularly Homer. His work suggests a man able to interrogate the greats, and following his intertexts is a poetic education itself.

-Ben Bollig, review in No Ripcord of Beyond Time